Monthly Archives: May 2009


Lady Boys of Bangkok in Brighton’09

Been to Lady Boys of Bangkok yesterday. It’s 3rd year I saw it in Brighton. Got quite a mixed impressions, yeah i t was a great fun, but unfortunately it looks still too similar to previous years shows. Theme of this year performance is Mile High, sound all great and exciting. Unfortunately there was only one mile hight act at the very beginning of the show, thats it.

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Anish Kapoor in Brighton

I’ve been today to Anish Kapoor exhibition in Brighton. I was looking forward to see his works for quite some time now. Finally got a chance to go.

He was born in India in 1954 and moved to London in early 70s. Anish Kapoor is said to be one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. One of his most famous works are: Cloud Gate, 110 tons steel loop that resembles liquid mercury in Millennium Park, Chicago; Marsyas, giant sculpture made of 3 metal rings joined by a single PVC membrane at Tate Modern and certainly Sky Mirror in New York (original version was installed in Nottingham, England).
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My own domain

Yay! Just bought my own domain on :) It’s Hope that registration will go fine. I’m quite excited about it!!! I’m going to set up iWeb to redirect from this domain to my website. So instead of typing long boooring address its gonna be just xD And I’ll be able to create emails too!

Update: Just got an email from godaddy saying that registration was successful!


Apple Store in Brighton

I’m so excited about opening of Apple Store in Brighton this summer. Not sure when exactly does it opens, but I’m gonna check regularly. All Apple resellers in Brighton are crap and have an awful customer service. Plus they never have what I need. I always had to go to London to get my iPhone/Mac bits and bobs.

A few days ago I got my out of warranty MacBook repaired by Apple in Regent Street store absolutely for free. Saved me 116 pounds :) Way to go Apple, I didn’t even had to buy AppleCare