Anish Kapoor in Brighton

I’ve been today to Anish Kapoor exhibition in Brighton. I was looking forward to see his works for quite some time now. Finally got a chance to go.

He was born in India in 1954 and moved to London in early 70s. Anish Kapoor is said to be one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. One of his most famous works are: Cloud Gate, 110 tons steel loop that resembles liquid mercury in Millennium Park, Chicago; Marsyas, giant sculpture made of 3 metal rings joined by a single PVC membrane at Tate Modern and certainly Sky Mirror in New York (original version was installed in Nottingham, England).
6 of Anish Kapoor works are shown in Brighton, of which I’ve seen only 4 so far: 1000 Names, Blood Rotations, pictured above, Sky Mirror and my personal favorite, Dismemberment of Jaenne d’Arc. It is set in old building of municipal market, looking more like a warehouse now, not far form central Brighton. Space inside is enormous, you feel very small when you walk in. All of the pieces are located right in the middle of the building. Two giant ‘bloodsticks’ represent legs, whole in the ground – ‘womb pit’ and mountains – breasts. Sculptures are all sprayed with red paint that looks like dried blood. I was really impressed by it. Didn’t get the meaning straight away though, you have to stand at certain angle to see it. Strange that all the pieces that makes the body are obviously related to each other, but at the same time if you view and try to understand the each of it separately they work just as well. I think every single visitor will find his own meaning for the installation and its perfectly fine cause Anish Kapoor says that his works are not about anything, that he has nothing to say and no message to give. ‘the intimate, the wondrous and perhaps even the sublime are all entities that cause us to question what, why and how? Art can and must engage these simple but fundamental questions’.

Click here to see all the pictures I’ve taken.

All of Anish’s exhibitions will be open till 24th of May. Addresses, directions and more information can be found on Brighton Festival website.

I would definitely recommend everyone to go and see his works while you still can! It would be something to remember.

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