Lady Boys of Bangkok in Brighton’09

Been to Lady Boys of Bangkok yesterday. It’s 3rd year I saw it in Brighton. Got quite a mixed impressions, yeah i t was a great fun, but unfortunately it looks still too similar to previous years shows. Theme of this year performance is Mile High, sound all great and exciting. Unfortunately there was only one mile hight act at the very beginning of the show, thats it.

But I don’t want to be all negative. Show was fabulous. Lady boys done their best to entertain the audience. This year they had a few tricks up their sleeve that I’m sure nobody expected.
Two of the security guards who were showing people to their tables turned out to be acrobats, doing some hot jumping-on-each-other-and-holding-upside-down action. Another security guard, a little person, who was with the show for as long as I can remember, took part in two acts dressed up as a really cute Leprechaun and as Superman. It was hilarious!

I’m still amazed how good looking lady boys are. You would never think they were a man before. They look absolutely stunning.

If you still haven’t seen the show, go and see it! It would be something to remember and you won’t have to go all the way to Bangkok to see it!

Click here to see pictures from the show.

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