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Got my 3GS today, at Apple Store

Today I finally got my brand new iPhone 3GS!

It was a long hard road. On the launch day I was queuing up at O2 Store in Brighton, thinking that I’ll have 3GS in my hands soon. Everything turned out not the way I expected, I got an iPhone but had to return it because I didn’t want to pay for the second contract. After thinking it through I decided to get it on Pay As You Go.

I went to O2 again yesterday, but I have been told that they don’t have any 16GB PAYG left and suggested to come back next day. When I phoned up O2 today they said that they sold out 16GB model nation-wide! I was so surprised, I thought that it’s credit crunch, people are trying to save money. Looks like it doesn’t apply to Apple, their products sell like hot pancakes ;) Continue reading


My iPhone 3G S launch day experience

I was waiting for this day for such a long time! I’ve started queuing up at 7AM in the morning, was 5th in the queue. I think guys who came first got there at around about 5 or so. I was so excited! It felt just like Christmas morning when you are about to unwrap your presents and you expect to get something really good. I was twittering all the time and got a few responses and followers :) Also when I tweeted a photo of the queue I got a reply form Clarissa that she is in the queue too! What are the odds of that !? :)

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My iPhone 3G S T-shirt

Just made today my iPhone 3G S T-shirt! Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow in town, hope it will help me to build up the hype for Friday launch.

I’ve decided to print O2 logo too, I was quite happy with O2 for almost 2 years and got an excellent service. So it’s a small way to say thank you :)

Unfortunately it didn’t turn up as good as I wanted it to be, but still OK. Colors are a bit unnatural, might be cause I’m using Epson all-in-one printer. Not the best choice for high quality prints.

You can see larger photo on Flickr or MobileMe