Got my 3GS today, at Apple Store

Today I finally got my brand new iPhone 3GS!

It was a long hard road. On the launch day I was queuing up at O2 Store in Brighton, thinking that I’ll have 3GS in my hands soon. Everything turned out not the way I expected, I got an iPhone but had to return it because I didn’t want to pay for the second contract. After thinking it through I decided to get it on Pay As You Go.

I went to O2 again yesterday, but I have been told that they don’t have any 16GB PAYG left and suggested to come back next day. When I phoned up O2 today they said that they sold out 16GB model nation-wide! I was so surprised, I thought that it’s credit crunch, people are trying to save money. Looks like it doesn’t apply to Apple, their products sell like hot pancakes ;)

I was left with only one option to go to Apple’s flagship store on Regent Street. They told me on the phone that they got 52 iPhones in stock today and that I better hurry up to get one. I run straight to next train to London.

There was a small queue at iPhone area as it takes time to activate the phone and sign the contract. Everything was handled very well, it was quite crowded at times but not too bad.
Soon enough I was called, it didn’t take too long time for me as I bought Pay As You Go phone and didn’t have to deal with the contract. Some people spend forever as they wanted to be guided through all the features and be told how to use it. I don’t think that was fair on other customers as people were waiting to be served.

If you buy PAYG iPhone £10 O2 top-up is compulsory, but I manager to get iPhone 3GS without it as I had already O2 contract SIM in my old 8GB 3G.

I was just a bit disappointed that they had to open the box in-store as I wanted to unbox it by myself.

There are two things to note:
1) Apple uses VMware Fusion to run Windows XP in coherence mode for O2 contracts;
1) It seams like an odd choice, but Apple Store staff uses simple bundled with OS X to manage queue line.

I felt like the happiest guy on Earth when I left Apple Store with iPhone 3GS in my pocket :) 

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