My iPhone 3G S launch day experience

I was waiting for this day for such a long time! I’ve started queuing up at 7AM in the morning, was 5th in the queue. I think guys who came first got there at around about 5 or so. I was so excited! It felt just like Christmas morning when you are about to unwrap your presents and you expect to get something really good. I was twittering all the time and got a few responses and followers :) Also when I tweeted a photo of the queue I got a reply form Clarissa that she is in the queue too! What are the odds of that !? :)

Unfortunately everything turned out not as good as I expected. I was 100% certain that I was out of contract and definitely eligible for an upgrade. To my surprise lady for O2 told me that apparently my contract doesn’t expire until April NEXT YEAR. What I forgot about is that I’ve signed up for an additional 18 months when I upgraded original iPhone to 3G. I heard quite a few people in store having exactly the same problem. Of course this is not O2’s fault, if you sign up the contract you can’t just upgrade whenever you like. I had two options, buy iPhone on Pay As You Go or sign up for a second contract. As I didn’t plan spending £440, I had to sign up for another £35 a month contract.

When I got home I’ve realised what I’ve done. Basically I would be throwing money down the drain for the next 11 months, paying £70 for 2 phone lines that I don’t need.


I’m on £35 a month contract now, but I use only about ⅓ or ¼ of my monthly allowance, so I really end up spending money for something I don’t use. I made this little table above and chart below illustrating total cost of ownership of iPhone on £35 contract. On 18 months its almost twice the price of the phone on Pay As You Go and on 24 months its even more. It’s worth to go for contract only if you’ll be using all those minutes and texts, otherwise its cheaper to just buy the iPhone. I might go for PAYG after my contract expires.

Total cost of ownership of iPhone 3G S 16GB on £35 contract

So I’m really left with only one option, to return my iPhone 3G S back to O2 and cancel my second contract.I’m not willing to spend over a £70 a month on mobile. Its so sad, cause I was waiting for such a long time for it and when I finally got it I
couldn’t even open the box ;(

But I’m hoping to save up my £££ and buy 16GB version on PAYG to replace my ageing iPhone 3G :)

I really liked this line from 3G S review on http://cultofmac.com
“The 3G S is a major step up from the iPhone 3G, worth every penny. Sell the car; sell the house; sell the kids: you must have this phone.”

This is how close I ever got to my iPhone ;(

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