My iPhone 3G S T-shirt

Just made today my iPhone 3G S T-shirt! Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow in town, hope it will help me to build up the hype for Friday launch.

I’ve decided to print O2 logo too, I was quite happy with O2 for almost 2 years and got an excellent service. So it’s a small way to say thank you :)

Unfortunately it didn’t turn up as good as I wanted it to be, but still OK. Colors are a bit unnatural, might be cause I’m using Epson all-in-one printer. Not the best choice for high quality prints.

You can see larger photo on Flickr or MobileMe

2 thoughts on “My iPhone 3G S T-shirt

  1. ivan Post author

    Sooner or later yeah, I just wonder how long O2 has exclusivity for. It’s gonna be a good thing. I like O2, but customers should have a choice. And at the end of the day competition is only a good thing for customers.


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