Apple Store in Brighton is nearing completion

Black plywood has been removed now and you can see actual front of the store. All the windows are still covered in black.

Yesterday I’ve read an article about opening of Apple Store in Ottawa on Electronista. And it looks like that front of the store in Brighton is just like the one in Canada. Here are pictures to compare:

Apple Store in Brighton, July 20th’09

Apple Store in Ottawa, July 19th’09

(Apple Store Rideau Centre by Lenny W. ,
available under
Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic license)

According to Electronista, this is Apple’s latest retail design with full glass front, opposed to side windows common to many older stores. Brighton has been long in need of official Apple Store. It’s great that we are getting the latest design. I’m really hoping to be one of the first in the line and to get my Apple T-Shirt :)

Update: Just got an email form Apple today, saying that store will open at 10 AM on Saturday, 25th of July. I’m still in Bali and I won’t come back until 2nd of August. I cant believe I’m gonna miss grand opening ;(

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