Monthly Archives: November 2009


Pandemonium for iPhone

I can’t believe that Pandemonium is finally in UK App Store. It was released back in May, but due to some licensing issues it wasn’t available until now. I was going to loose my hope and give up on it, but 2 days ago I saw it on EA Mobile App Store page.
It’s one of the the best classic console games! Originally Pandemonium was released for PlayStation and PC, I didn’t have a PlayStation back then, so the first time I played the game was on original Nokia N-Gage. In 2003 this game looked great on Nokia phone, in fact it was one of the main reasons of me getting N-Gage.

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Experience and issues with official iPhone unlock on O2

I got my first iPhone on day one when if first became officially available in UK. Since then I’m on my third device, original iPhone was replaced with 3G and that 3GS recently. So basically I have 2 phones laying around collecting dust, I got really excited about a possibility to unlock them and use on the other networks or while travelling.

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