Pandemonium for iPhone

I can’t believe that Pandemonium is finally in UK App Store. It was released back in May, but due to some licensing issues it wasn’t available until now. I was going to loose my hope and give up on it, but 2 days ago I saw it on EA Mobile App Store page.
It’s one of the the best classic console games! Originally Pandemonium was released for PlayStation and PC, I didn’t have a PlayStation back then, so the first time I played the game was on original Nokia N-Gage. In 2003 this game looked great on Nokia phone, in fact it was one of the main reasons of me getting N-Gage.

iPhone port is good, EA didn’t make any changes to the game as far as I can tell. Gameplay is the same as it was on N-Gage 6 years ago. Certainly Nokia device is no match for an iPhone, graphics have been improved considerably. Game feels much more alive and fresh. Part because iPhone is much more faster and powerful, N-Gage version suffered some slow downs on open-air scenes and part because original N-Gage phone had only 4096 colour screen and it was very dim too. Graphics quality has been improved a lot, picture doesn’t look so squarish and pixelated.
Original game was designed for hardware controller. But unlike other games, particularly 3D ones, its very easy to play it on the iPhone. It feels very intuitive and ergonomic. There is no need to learn controls you just tap and go.

As with any game port, Pandemonium is not destined to be a best selling hit, but its a nice addition to App Store and it will find a respectable place in gamers collection.

Below are some screenshots of the same scenes on iPhone and N-Gage for comparison. I had to reduce the size of iPhone screenshots to fit the page, but N-Gage screens are full resolution.

Thanks for reading :)







































Thanks for reading :)

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