MSI Wind U100 unboxing

I’ve been wanting to get a netbook for quite some time now. Mainly because my Unibody 17” MacBook Pro is simply too large if I just want to browse the Internet to write an email or two. I’ve chosen MSI Wind U100 because it runs Mac OS X quite well and looks kind of similar to black plastic MacBook. I wanted my hackintosh netbook to be as close to real Mac as it can be. All I have to do now is remove ugly Windows and Intel stickers.

Here are my unboxing photos:

Same as Macs, MSI Wind comes in brown protective box, containing proper colour laptop box

Actual Wind box

My Wind came with a free carrying sleeve. I didn't expect that, but I doubt if I will ever use it, netbook is small enough to fit in to any bag

Wind power adapter is on the left and Apple’s MagSafe is on the right

Build and plastic quality is quite good, netbook feels nice and solid

MSI Wind looks tiny compared to 17” MacBook Pro

Wind booting up

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