First Issue of World of Warcraft Official Magazine

First issue of official WoW magazine has just arrived yesterday in the mail! It was a bit unexpected since I completely forgot that I subscribed for it. Blizzard announced that they are going to release the magazine in late August last year and shortly after that they started accepting subscriptions. World of Warcraft magazine is a quarterly publication, it cost £29.95 for one year or £52.50 for 2 years. It works out at £7.50 o £6.50 per issue, depending what subscription you go for. That’s actually quite a good price to me. It won’t be sold in retail, only one way to get the magazine is subscribe online.

Issue 1 has 148 full colour glossy pages, but most importantly it has no advertising. No ads at all! I stopped reading regular magazines long ago, just because some of them have more ads then actual articles. Print quality is very good, pages are nice and thick, some publications use very thin paper that easily tears, there is no such problem here.

When Blizzard first announced plans to make their own publication, many critics were sceptical about this idea. Mainly because people believe that print media is dying and more and more customers read online. Also because online media can deliver news much faster, some doubted that Blizzard can deliver relevant information in quarterly issues. Understanding that I think Blizzard decided to go different route and include a lot of editorial content, beautiful graphics, many interviews with development team and other exclusive content. All this exclusive information can’t be found elsewhere.

The magazine is full of stunning graphics, Blizzard says that they employ top artist to draw unique artwork specifically for this magazine. Julian Rignall, Editorial Director of WoW Official Magazine says that; “Rather then simply tell you how to play, we’re going to show you a wide variety of opinions on enjoying, exploring and extending game’s fun beyond the borders of the screen.” I think that this quote reflects quite well what the magazine is all about. The first issue has a feature on WoW 5th anniversary. It was really interesting to read about early stages of development, see how game shaped over the years. There are even screenshots of the first alpha version of the game, something that most players never actually seen.

Another good think is that Blizzard positions it as coffeetable publication, I can certainly agree with it as I can see myself picking up a copy in a few weeks or month and read again a few articles that I really like or something I have missed.

Overall I’m very pleased with the first issue and hope that Blizzard will keep up with the great work in the next issues. I will definitely recommend everyone who is interested in World of Warcraft to subscribe for this magazine. You can find more information about it as well as previews of articles on official website,

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