Say Hello To iPad!


I can’t believe this finally happened, after long months and years of endless rumours it’s finally here! Say hello to iPad!

Today Steve Jobs at Apple press event in San Francisco announced the Apple tablet. It’s designed to fill the gap between iPhone and MacBook. But Apple didn’t want to just fill this gap, but design device that will be better at doing key tasks.
Better at Browsing, Email, Photos, Video, Music, Games and eBooks. I’m especially excited about the lats one. I wanted to buy an eBook reader, but it would be just another device to carry. With iPad I will have a device that has large enough screen to read books, but that could do so much more. And to go with it Apple announced their own eBook store, books will be sold in open-source ePub format. No more problems with nasty DRM like on Kindle. Also Apple developed iPad version of iWork, my favourite office suite. All 3 apps, Pages, Keynote and Numbers will be sold separately for $9.99 each. Thats quite a reasonable price to me, especially considering how much functionality they provide.

Judging by videos and early hands-on, iPad looks awesome!

Here are the specs:

✴ 9.7” 1024×768 LED backlit HD screen
✴ 1GHz Apple custom-designed CPU
✴ 16, 32 or 64 GB SSD drive
✴ Wi-FI a/b/g/n with optional 3G
✴ Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
✴ 10 hours of battery life

Hopefully I will get one as soon as it’s released. Apple said that Wi-Fi version will be available in late March and 3G in April, but thats only for USA, I haven’t found any info on UK release date. Apple’s UK website hasn’t been updated yet. I think Wi-Fi version will launch here at the same time as in States, but Steve said during keynote that European 3G version will arrive some time in June. I might just decide to go for WiFi version instead of waiting more months for 3G. It will save me time and money on monthly mobile broadband access.

Apple just posted streaming version of today’s presentation, you can watch it here. I’m still waiting for them to release downloadable version as a podcast on iTunes, but that probably will take some time.

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