Monthly Archives: February 2010


Free songs on iTunes UK, Young Americans Music sampler

iTunes has a wonderful promotion on it’s UK Facebook page, they are giving away 5 free songs. Song are encoded in iTunes Plus format, 256kbps AAC without any DRM. This means that you can play them on any device you like. Please note that this offer works only with UK iTunes accounts, it expires in the end of February.

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The Third Device


We all use phones/smartphones or laptops/desktops. But do we need something in between? A third device thats bigger and more powerful then phone but lighter and easier to use then a laptop.
I was searching for it for quite a long time. I’m a student and I live in Brighton, but study in London. That’s about an hour away on the train, so I spend at least 2 hours a day travelling. That’s a long time, time that I can use to do work, assignments and many other things.

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