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My thoughts about eBook market in UK

A few days ago I wanted to buy a copy of a book ‘Stormrage’ by Richard A. Knaak. I’ve got a Sony Reader and also often listen to audio books on my iPhone, so naturally I was looking for a digital version of the book, either audio or text. Paperback was already released in print back in February and it is available to purchase on Amazon.

But to my surprise I could not find eBook version on any of UK online eBook stores. Audible doesn’t have it either. I’m afraid that currently in UK the only way to buy this book is to buy a print version. That would have been just fine perhaps just a few years ago, but now so many big names in tech industry as well as smaller companies are pushing eBook reader devices. But how do they expect people to have a satisfactory experience, if there is no good way to get a recent content on them?
Another issue is the environment. One of the main reasons why I decided to purchase an eBook reader is to do my bit for environment and save the trees. But I can save the trees only if I will purchase a digital editions of the books instead of print.

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The very first Brighton Marathon

I had a great time at Brighton Marathon today! To be honest I didn’t expect to see so many people taking part, there were 7589 participants (7426 completed the course). And apparently as many as 80 thousand spectators were on the streets.

What I liked the most about it is that the track was going through a road just a few houses away from where I live. I didn’t have to go anywhere, I even popped in home to make myself a cup of tea :)

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Microsoft is using Apple’s keyboard and mouse in their adverts

I saw this advert on the Tube in London a few days ago. It’s an ad for Hotmail, but when I looked closer it appears that Microsoft is using Apple’s Pro Keyboard and either Pro Mouse or Magic Mouse in it. It’s not the first time when Microsoft used Apple’s products in their marketing materials. Back in 2005 they used iBook on Windows Vista website.

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Walk around Brighton Graveyards

I had a lovely walk today around graveyards and crematoriums in Brighton. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time. What I didn’t realise is just how large they are. First I went to Brighton and Preston graveyard, I thought that it’s a rather small cemetery that is no longer used, but I found out that it is actually connected to two crematoriums and another graveyard across Bear road.
I know that some might think that graveyards and crematoriums are not the best place to got to for a walk, but I had an awesome time there! They are absolutely beautiful, there are a lot of very nice trees and plants growing there, views are amazing and the air is field with scents of spring.

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