Walk around Brighton Graveyards

I had a lovely walk today around graveyards and crematoriums in Brighton. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time. What I didn’t realise is just how large they are. First I went to Brighton and Preston graveyard, I thought that it’s a rather small cemetery that is no longer used, but I found out that it is actually connected to two crematoriums and another graveyard across Bear road.
I know that some might think that graveyards and crematoriums are not the best place to got to for a walk, but I had an awesome time there! They are absolutely beautiful, there are a lot of very nice trees and plants growing there, views are amazing and the air is field with scents of spring.

Around the area near Downs Crematorium there is a pond with rather large and certainly well-fed koi fish and lovely rose garden. But I think the most I enjoyed the valley where Woodvale Crematorium is located. It is surrounded by very large and old trees and under the trees in the gloom you can see old tombstones. It is very beautiful. On the north and sunny side of the valley there are a few benches with amazing panoramic views of the graveyards and Brighton. Certainly a very good spot to relax or perhaps enjoy a good book.

I used EveryTrail app on my iPhone to record my walk. You can see my trip with photographs below.

Walk around Brighton graveyards at EveryTrail

One thought on “Walk around Brighton Graveyards

  1. Peter

    This is great – I’d been curious about this graveyard for a while (the entrance opposite Sainsbury’s seems so inconspicuous) and your post has inspired me to go and take a similar walk.
    Thanks for the post and the great use of EveryTrail.


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