iPad launch day expedience in Brighton

I didn’t want to pre-order my iPad just because I really like queuing up, all the hype and excitement about it. When Apple started accepting pre-orders I decided that I’ll be going to Apple Store to get mine iPad.

On Friday morning I got to the entrance of Churchill shopping centre where Apple Store is located at about 5 o’clock in the morning, there was only one person already in front of me in the line. He said that he was queuing up since half past 2. Fortunately Apple decided to open its stores an hour earlier then usual, at 8 AM so we didn’t have to wait for that long.

Since about 6 AM a lot of people started to come in, picture above shows the queue at 7:30. I think when the store opened there were around about 60 to 70 people in line. Finally at 8 Apple staff started to allow people in, only 10 at a time.
When I got the Apple Store itself, all the windows were covered up in black fabric and it was impossible to see what’s inside. Not sure why they had to do it, maybe so that people who work at the shopping centre would not be able to see what was inside, but it certainly did add to the hype.


When they finally took the curtains down and let first people in I took a video of all the staff cheering and clapping. Take a look below:

I spoke to one of the employees while waiting outside and he said that he had to work until 4 AM to prepare the store for launch. Inside the atmosphere was amazing! Both all the staff and customers were very excited. iPads were selling quickly, but they had plenty of stock.

And here’s me with my brand new iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB :)

The launch was definitely a success and I’m so glad that I came early enough to be the second person in the queue. Also I brought to the Apple Store with me my Newton MessagePad 2100. A lot of people were surprised to see 13 years old Apple PDA. I’ll publish pictures of it in the store later.

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