iPhone repair

Last Friday I noticed that a thin crack appeared on my iPhone above the ringer switch. It’s quite a common problem, plaguing mainly white iPhones. You can see examples here, here and here. This are small thin hairline cracks appearing for no particular reason.
As soon as I noticed it I made an appointment for the Genius Bar at Apple Store in Brighton. I’ve read on the Internet that many people got their phones successfully replaced by Apple. To my surprise Genius actually told me that this fault does not impact the performance or function of the phone and for this reason refused to repaired it. He said that I can pay £140 to get my phone replaced with brand new republished unit. Of course I didn’t want to pay that much money to fix cosmetic problem of one year old phone.

But I didn’t want to give up, so I made another appointment a few days later at flagship Apple Store on Regent Street in London. This time genius acknowledged the issue straight away and after a few standard questions he replaced my iPhone 3GS with a refurbished one and also extended the warranty by a few more months. I was really happy! Above is a picture of my brand new iPhone in new case by Griffin + Threadless!

Now I’m just left wondering why one genius can decide to repair and another one refuse to do it.

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