Monthly Archives: December 2010


First impressions of Kindle 3

I finally got a Kindle for Christmas, a WiFi + 3G version. It’s my second try with a dedicated ebook reader, first one was Sony Reader Pocket Edition that I got back in Spring. But there was very little to get excited about it. I’ve read a book or two on it and then left it in the draw because I quite hated the experience. But Amazon didn’t disappoint me with Kindle.

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My new blog homepage

When on 20th of October Apple unveiled their latest version of iLife app suite, one part of it was missing. Sadly iWeb didn’t get an update and it wasn’t even mentioned by Jobs during keynote. It was a bad news for me because my personal website was made in iWeb, and by that time it already badly needed upgrade. It looks like faith of iDVD is waiting for iWeb too – slowly dying out.

On the right is the last image of my old website, I didn’t update it for a while because I got quite frustrated with iWeb and just didn’t want to deal with it at all.

But fortunately yesterday I finally set up new hosting and registered new domain on I’ve got quite a good deal too, very pleased about it. My new domain is, it’s my name + first letter of surname. I’ve spent quite a long time brainstorming different domain names, but then I thought that if it’s my personal blog and I’ll be writing about everything and nothing in particular, why not to use my own name.

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