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Why Apple is not trying to control you with App Store

When reading my daily mix of RSS feeds I came across interesting article on Cult of Mac. It’s about what Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde thinks of Mac App Store. In his e-mail to Forbes he claims that Apple is forcing users to get programs in App Store and that Apple is becoming more like Microsoft.

I just couldn’t disagree more. Everything what he says is simply not true and he does not have any facts to back it up. Instead of wanting to control people as Sunde says, Apple wants to make it more convenient and easier for people to get new software. App Store was never meant to be the only way to load 3rd party apps, you still can install from DVD, download or any other source. In post-iPhone days solution like App Store was biggest thing missing on Mac. And Apple finally delivered it.

Besides obvious benefits for developers, customers will in the end benefit the most from the App Store, both directly and indirectly. First of all they’ll have easy to use, integrated place to get new software for their Macs. And indirectly because App Store will without a doubt act like a catalyst for innovation. Developers will take Mac development more seriously which will result in new and better apps. And competitors will launch their own stores. Cydia already stated that they will make store for Mac that will sell all the apps that won’t be allowed in Apple’s store. And Bodega, existing app store will see improvements thanks to competition. App Store will make Mac software market booming. And this sure is a good thing!


App Store is coming to Mac

Only several days left till Apple launches App Store for Mac. Original App Store was introduced back in summer 2008 and it was a runway success. It redefined mobile application development and grown to become one of the strongest points of iPhone and later iPad. Over 7 billion apps have been downloaded for iOS. It is a biggest mobile application store in the word and it’s success inspired a range of ‘app stores’ from other companies on just about any device imaginable. It was logical for Apple to bring it to the Mac.

There are many awesome Mac apps, but developers have to spend time and resources to promote their products, run their own stores and process payments from around the world. This is quite hard and takes their time away from development. With App Store they won’t have to do any of that. Instead developers will have more time for making and improving their software. Especially it will be very important for smaller companies. Mac App Store will give a giant boost to Mac software market and bring to the Mac innovation that’s seen on iOS.

App Store will provide a brilliant and simple way to discover new software, be it games or apps. Currently on the Mac getting new software is not quite straightforward unless you already know where to look. There is no centralised go-to place for finding and downloading new apps. App Store will be the main spot to go to. Yes, not everything will be allowed  in the App Store, but most apps are safe. On the Mac App Store will never become the only allowed source of software, so anything that won’t meet Apple’s criteria can always be delivered using conventional means.

It is going to be very exciting times on Mac. And it remains to be seen how exactly App Store will impact Mac application market. But one thing is for sure – it will be huge!