Skiing at Lake Louise in Canada

I’m not really in to sports, but skiing is an exception. I love the feeling of excitement and freedom you get when ice cold wind is brushing against your face, hurrying you to go down as fast as you can. Unfortunately last time I’ve been skiing was back in 2005, so I was really looking forward to get back on the slopes.

I’ve booked a holiday at Lake Louise in Canada from 11th of January to 23rd. At first I doubted Lake Louise because I thought I would have more fun in larger town, it’s just a small village in Canadian Rockies. But I was not disappointed. Lake Louise is an amazing skiing resort. According to Wikipedia it’s the largest one in Canada, offering almost 140 named runs and 17 square kilometres of skiable area across 3 mountain sides. It’s also by far the largest skiing resort I’ve ever been to. At first it seemed even a bit too big for me as I was trying to do everything at the same time. The terrain is very diverse, there are countless comfortable blue runs, challenging blacks and of course Powder Bowls. It never gets boring.

Every day I would ski from morning when the lifts open till late afternoon when they close. At 10 minutes to 4 I would take a gondola to the top. And to finish the day take a slow green runs down to the base, either Eagle Meadows or Deer Run. It was an amazing holiday.

Here’s a few pictures I took around the mountain. The sky always looks so beautiful and dramatic at Lake Louise, but for the first several days when I arrived it was snowing non-stop. I could not see the mountains from the village or the resort, the snow made everything look very surreal. Unfortunately it was also quite dark, so I couldn’t take very good photos.

If you want to know more about skiing and boarding at Lake Louise, check out a wonderful blog Lake Louise Lowdown, run by mountain operations supervisor from the resort. It has loads of insider information, news and pictures.

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