The best place to visit in Toronto

After spending almost two weeks skiing at Lake louise. I went to Toronto for three days on 23rd of January to have something different after slow rural life. If you have a few more days somewhere else you don’t feel as sad when your holiday comes to an end.

If you go to Toronto, don’t visit major tourist attractions like CN Tower or Niagara Falls. They are all rubbish and very touristy. All what I had left after visiting CN Tower were a few dozen pictures that weren’t that much better then views from my hotel room at Sheraton and dizzy feeling after going down super-fast elevator. But I’m glad that I went, after leaving the tower I decided to look around and saw an old train depot and a few steam engines. Turned out that there was a brewery inside the depot. Awesome! It’s everyone’s dream to visit a brewery!

Steam Whistle Brewery is a relatively small independent brewery in the heart of Toronto that is conscious about environment and local communities, but most importantly makes amazing Pilsner beer! The brewery occupies about half of the round old depot. Inside there is a bar selling fresh beer. Walls are decorated with paintings and art that catch your eye. The brewery itself is behind large glass windows. You can see beer being made while you enjoy your bottle. It is quite amazing!

For just C$10 you can do a tour around the brewery that includes free beer(much more when I expected) and a souvenir. I signed up for a 13:30 tour. We had to wear headphones with transmitter hanging around my neck, our guide Shane had a mic so we would hear him. This is probably because of the noise inside the production area. One of the first things he asked is if we wanted fresh beer. Naturally everybody agreed and he brought beers right off the production line. My one was bottled just 10 minutes ago! How awesome is that!

The tour itself lasted for almost half an hour and was quite fun. It’s always interesting to see how things are made, especially beer. Below is a video that I took of filling and packaging line. I’m pleased I was allowed to use cameras inside.

I would have spent the whole day at the brewery if I had my way, but unfortunately it was my last day in Canada and I had to go to the airport in a few hours. Brewery is probably the last place you want to be at before the flight, but I had great fun!

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