Winter holiday at Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a wonderful little village in Canadian Rockies, located in the Banff National Park. I went there for my skiing holiday in January. It’s really small, just a few houses, 4 hotels and a local mall. But I think it’s size is the best thing what I love about Lake Louise. It’s just so peaceful and quiet, makes you forget about busy city life and connected world. I had a holiday like no other: skiing, hiking and enjoying myself in the great outdoors, forsaking the Internet. It’s wonderful when you can just forget about your emails, news and stop receiving push messages.

Lake Louise village got it’s name form the lake located just a few minutes away by car. It’s a mountain lake, fed by the glacier that’s hanging off the edge of the mountain behind it. On the shore of the lake stays the The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t stay there, but I certainly would next time. It offers absolutely breathtaking views and the service is outstanding. During my two weeks at Lake Louise I spent a few evenings at the Chateau. Ice-skating around ice castle on the frozen lake was an unforgettable experience.

I really loved the village, everybody where very friendly. When I bought a bottle of maple syrup at the village store, shopkeeper asked me if I am going to poor it on the snow. At first I thought he was joking, but turned out that you can make maple candy this way. You can read about similar candy here and here. It’s nice when people genuinely want to talk and help. Most of the restaurants were quite simple, yet very clean and friendly. The Mountain restaurant had the nicest waitress ever and the pub at Post Hotel offered delicious food by a cozy fireplace.

I had amazing time at Lake Louise and really hoping to came back again.

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