Early 2011 MacBook Pro Unboxing

I was going to buy one of the latest MacBook Pros for a while and yesterday I finally got it! First impressions are great, quad-core Core i7 is so much faster then old dusty Core 2 Duo in my Early 2009 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Here’s a usual set of unboxing pictures. This time I went a little bit over the top, taking just over 180 pictures in total. The sky was a bit cloudy today so photos turned out a bit darker then I would like them to be. But I hope they are not too bad.

First time I’ve started taking unboxing photos was 9 years ago. In 2002 I’ve got my first proper Mac, 800MHz PowerBook G4 Ti. Back then I’ve taken 32 photos. 9 years later I’m taking almost 6 times more pictures. I wonder how many I’ll be taking in the coming years.

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