Apple TV 2nd gen unboxing and first impressions

I had my first generation Apple TV for 4 years now since 2007. The time has come for an upgrade, luckily I was given the new second gen. Apple TV for my birthday.

It is a huge improvement over the original in both hardware and software. First of all it’s tiny compared to the original, saving space and packaging. Thanks to the A4 processor Apple TV now consumes only less then 2.5W when streaming HD video, it’s 25 times less then conventional 60W lightbulb. In the sleep mode it only consumes 0.8W. Original x86-based Apple TV was rather power-hungry, getting really hot all the time even in the sleep mode. I had to unplug it from the socket most of the time, but that was hardly convenient. It really shows how efficient ARM processors really are. Power consumption is quite important for me as I’m always trying to cut back where I can.

The biggest new feature of the new Apple TV is of course AirPlay. It let’s you stream most of media content from iPhone or iPad to your TV, be it photos, music or videos. There is no settings or configuration required. It’s just magically works like all things from Apple. You tap on the AirPlay button , select Apple TV and that’s it, your content is on the big screen. It’s amazing!

Another nifty feature is that Apple TV pulls photos from my Instagram set on Flickr and displays them as a screensaver. This was possible on the 1st gen. Apple TV as well, but is very neat nonetheless. I love when my IG photos start flying across my TV screen.

Below is the usual unboxing galley. I like reflections of the sky on some of the photos.

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