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Starbucks brings Pick of the Week to the UK

This week Starbucks and iTunes finally brought to the UK their ‘Pick of the Week’ promotion! I’ve read about it first on App Advice in the morning and when I got to my local Starbucks on St. James Street, they sure had the new cards!

The promotion has been running in the US for quite some time now and has been extremely successful. Each week Starbucks would offer it’s customers cards with codes for free iTunes content. It could be a song, book or an app, you redeem a unique code at the back of the card to download content. Every Monday new cards comes out.

This is a great news! I’m looking forward to get new free apps and books. And this gives yet another good reason to go to Starbucks besides my favourite white filter.


Unboxing my while iPhone 4S

Yesterday Apple launched the new iPhone 4S in 7 countries around the world. I’ve queued up for it at Brighton Apple Store for almost 5 hours. iPhone 4S is an amazing phone, it’s blazing fast and Siri is absolutely awesome! Here are my unboxing pictures. I went for a white 32GB model. It was a bit too dark at home so I decided to go to the beach for unboxing.

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iPhone 4S launch in Brighton

Queuing up for an iPhone has become a tradition for me now. It really builds up your excitement and anticipation when you are waiting in line with like-minded people. I can’t imagine not doing it, as it’s kind of part of the deal now.

Yesterday I came to the Churchill Square shopping centre at about 4AM. There were already about 15 people in front of me. First person in the queue got there around about midnight. It was quite chilly waiting outside. It is October now, not summer anymore as with previous iPhone releases. Thankfully Apple arranged for shopping centre to open 6AM, so I waited the last 2 hours inside with a cup of Starbucks coffee in my hands. Apple brought a giant coffee thermos from nearby Starbucks. It was really nice to have a hot drink after hours of sitting in cold.

There were 2 queue lines, one for a contract and another for SIM-free iPhone. Very few people wanted a contract this time, the SIM-free line was huge but only about 10 or so people waited for a contact iPhone. At 8 o’clock Apple Store staff started to cheer and set to run around the shopping centre, high-fiving everyone in the queue. It was an amazing experience, so much joy and excitement!

Below are some of my pictures from the launch.


Mourning Steve Jobs in London and Brighton

People all around the world came to the Apple Stores to pay their last tribute to Steve Jobs, remembering a man who was a hero for them. Flowers, candles and cards were left outside, forming makeshift memorials. I have visited two Apple Stores in London and Brighton to pay my respects.

Apple Store, Regent Street London

The Apple Store on Regent Street is an iconic store and it seemed like a right place to go to. There were a lot of people here who came to say goodbye. Notes, cards flowers and Apples with a side bitten off just like the Apple logo, were laid outside. I left a note as well, thanking Steve for everything what he’s done. It felt really sad being there as Steve himself has been in this store and was involved in it’s design and construction.

There was a lot of media around as well. I was interviewed by ABC Australia, they asked my why I came here, and what do I think will happen to Apple now that Steve’s gone.

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Steve Jobs has passed away

Today Steve Jobs has passed away. The world has lost the greatest technology innovator of all times. He had a vision of the future and wanted to bring it to everyone. He changed the world around him and affected lives of everyone of us. No one else but Steve could have build Apple and achieved what he did. He had an incredible passion for everything what he was doing and took a great pride in his work. Steve Jobs was a living legend.

His legacy will always live on. Rest in peace, Steve.


Apple unveils new iPhone 4S

After months of rumours and waiting the new iPhone has finally been announced yesterday. The iPhone 4S looks the same as the iPhone 4, but inside it’s a whole new beast. I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed at first as I have hoped for a major refresh, the iPhone 5. After living over a year with an iPhone 4 in my pocket I wanted to have something different. But was there a real need for a redesign? Probably not. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone 4, and if there is nothing wrong, then why change it?

Yes, iPhone 4 might be over a year old, but it’s design has proven to be very successful. Build quality is exceptionally high, it’s beautiful, works well in day to day use. And perhaps most importantly when you pick it up it feels like a perfectly engineered device, a solid block of glass and steel. You can’t really say this about any other phone out there.

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