Mourning Steve Jobs in London and Brighton

People all around the world came to the Apple Stores to pay their last tribute to Steve Jobs, remembering a man who was a hero for them. Flowers, candles and cards were left outside, forming makeshift memorials. I have visited two Apple Stores in London and Brighton to pay my respects.

Apple Store, Regent Street London

The Apple Store on Regent Street is an iconic store and it seemed like a right place to go to. There were a lot of people here who came to say goodbye. Notes, cards flowers and Apples with a side bitten off just like the Apple logo, were laid outside. I left a note as well, thanking Steve for everything what he’s done. It felt really sad being there as Steve himself has been in this store and was involved in it’s design and construction.

There was a lot of media around as well. I was interviewed by ABC Australia, they asked my why I came here, and what do I think will happen to Apple now that Steve’s gone.

Apple Store in Brighton

Brighton’s Store is much smaller and is located in a shopping mall. There was just a picture of Steve with Obama’s quote in the black frame and a lone flower. It might not sound like much compared to the other stores, but it was beautiful and tasteful. A little bit later someone left a bitten red apple.

RIP Steve. You will always be remembered.

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