Brighton Marathon’12

The third Brighton Marathon was on Sunday. This year over ten thousand runners took part. It has been a big success: weather was great and sunny, people were happy, it was just a great day out.
All around the 26 mile course streets were lined with people, cheering for the runners. Ten thousand runners is a lot for a relatively small city with a population of about half a million. It’s awesome to see hordes of people running through small and usually quite streets. I love that you can watch a big sporting event from your street without a need to travel. Events like this really bring the community together!

Here are some of the pictures I took.

2 thoughts on “Brighton Marathon’12

  1. Nick Wood

    Hello That’s me in the Knights Armour! Thanks for posting and yes it was a real ‘ball breaker’ but worth it. Can I ask if you have any other shots of me during the race? If you do would you consider sharing them with me perhaps? All the best Nick


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