iPhone 5 unboxing and first impressions

I finally got around to getting the iPhone 5. Due to an overwhelming demand Apple offers reservations of the iPhone 5 at the retail stores, helping you to avoid long queues and disappointment. It’s quite quick and easy process, once your reservation has been confirmed you can choose a convenient time to pick it up the next day.

Much has already been said about the iPhone 5, but to me the first thing I’ve noticed was an exceptional build quality. It feels in your hand like a precisely engineered slab of anodized aluminum. The iPhone 4/4S were great no complaints there, but the new iPhone takes it to a whole new level.

Another thing I love about the iPhone 5 is the new taller screen. I must admit that I was a bit anxious about it before getting the phone as I thought it might be awkward to use in one hand. After using the new iPhone for a little while the shorter 4S screen fells small and squashed. The new taller screen is so natural and organic, it kind of makes me wonder why Apple didn’t do it sooner. It is a joy to use and look at and the added real estate makes all the difference when it comes to reading, playing games and watching videos. Any list-based app like Mail or Reminders benefit immensely from an additional space and I love the ability to fit more apps on the home screens.

Of course there is no new iPhone without unboxing pictures. Sadly it was already getting dark and the weather was quite cold and windy, so these definitely aren’t the best pictures ever.

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