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Brighton Marathon’12

The third Brighton Marathon was on Sunday. This year over ten thousand runners took part. It has been a big success: weather was great and sunny, people were happy, it was just a great day out.
All around the 26 mile course streets were lined with people, cheering for the runners. Ten thousand runners is a lot for a relatively small city with a population of about half a million. It’s awesome to see hordes of people running through small and usually quite streets. I love that you can watch a big sporting event from your street without a need to travel. Events like this really bring the community together!

Here are some of the pictures I took.


The very first Brighton Marathon

I had a great time at Brighton Marathon today! To be honest I didn’t expect to see so many people taking part, there were 7589 participants (7426 completed the course). And apparently as many as 80 thousand spectators were on the streets.

What I liked the most about it is that the track was going through a road just a few houses away from where I live. I didn’t have to go anywhere, I even popped in home to make myself a cup of tea :)

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Walk around Brighton Graveyards

I had a lovely walk today around graveyards and crematoriums in Brighton. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time. What I didn’t realise is just how large they are. First I went to Brighton and Preston graveyard, I thought that it’s a rather small cemetery that is no longer used, but I found out that it is actually connected to two crematoriums and another graveyard across Bear road.
I know that some might think that graveyards and crematoriums are not the best place to got to for a walk, but I had an awesome time there! They are absolutely beautiful, there are a lot of very nice trees and plants growing there, views are amazing and the air is field with scents of spring.

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Lady Boys of Bangkok in Brighton’09

Been to Lady Boys of Bangkok yesterday. It’s 3rd year I saw it in Brighton. Got quite a mixed impressions, yeah i t was a great fun, but unfortunately it looks still too similar to previous years shows. Theme of this year performance is Mile High, sound all great and exciting. Unfortunately there was only one mile hight act at the very beginning of the show, thats it.

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Anish Kapoor in Brighton

I’ve been today to Anish Kapoor exhibition in Brighton. I was looking forward to see his works for quite some time now. Finally got a chance to go.

He was born in India in 1954 and moved to London in early 70s. Anish Kapoor is said to be one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. One of his most famous works are: Cloud Gate, 110 tons steel loop that resembles liquid mercury in Millennium Park, Chicago; Marsyas, giant sculpture made of 3 metal rings joined by a single PVC membrane at Tate Modern and certainly Sky Mirror in New York (original version was installed in Nottingham, England).
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