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Unofficial music video for Para-Noir by Marilyn Manson

I’ve been meaning to post this video for several years now, but been putting it off until I finally forgot all about it. It’s a project I’ve made for Final Cut Pro unit on my first year at university. We were asked to find footage and reuse it in a way to create something completely different from the original.

Going through tons of old public domain movies on I’ve decided to use footage from a classic 1959 horror movie ‘House on Haunted Hill’ to create a music video of sorts for a song Para-Noir by Marilyn Manson. I’m a big fan of his work and it was a great fun building upon existing footage and trying to make it work in a new way. You can judge for yourself how it turned out below.

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Second issue of WoW Official Magazine

On Saturday I got the second issue of official World of Warcraft magazine. It was a long wait, but well worth it! Overall the second issue feels to me a bit more mature and contemplated. The first one was a bit of everything, there was an article or column on just about any aspect of WoW, but nothing major in particular. Now magazine is clearly divided in to different sections, each containing well-structured material. Although topics in table of contents didn’t change this is just how I felt.
This issue has quite a few interesting articles about dragons and all their varieties, Cataclysm and what is going to be changed in the next expansion, ICC, old-school 40-man raids and much more. I particularly loved an exclusive interview with Blizzard quest designer team. It is always exciting to get a glimpse at what’s happening behind the scenes!


First Issue of World of Warcraft Official Magazine

First issue of official WoW magazine has just arrived yesterday in the mail! It was a bit unexpected since I completely forgot that I subscribed for it. Blizzard announced that they are going to release the magazine in late August last year and shortly after that they started accepting subscriptions. World of Warcraft magazine is a quarterly publication, it cost £29.95 for one year or £52.50 for 2 years. It works out at £7.50 o £6.50 per issue, depending what subscription you go for. That’s actually quite a good price to me. It won’t be sold in retail, only one way to get the magazine is subscribe online.

Issue 1 has 148 full colour glossy pages, but most importantly it has no advertising. No ads at all! I stopped reading regular magazines long ago, just because some of them have more ads then actual articles. Print quality is very good, pages are nice and thick, some publications use very thin paper that easily tears, there is no such problem here.

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My own domain

Yay! Just bought my own domain on :) It’s Hope that registration will go fine. I’m quite excited about it!!! I’m going to set up iWeb to redirect from this domain to my website. So instead of typing long boooring address its gonna be just xD And I’ll be able to create emails too!

Update: Just got an email from godaddy saying that registration was successful!